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crobber - simly clever

crobber - simly clever

The first
drive board

The first
drive board

fits over 500 machines

crobber baseline

The crobber baseline meets all standard requirements of floor cleaning. Within baseline the price is the same for all brushes and drive boards of the same inch size.

Only your requirement is significant for your choice.

the crobber disc brush in baseline

the crobber drive board in baseline

click here for crobber baseline

crobber plusline

There are certainly cleaning requirements which demand brushes or drive boards with special properties. Therefore we have developed the plusline for you.

crobber disc brush plusline

crobber drive board plusline

click here for crobber plusline

crobber – how clever is this!

crobber is the most innovative and variable system for disc brushes and drive boards.


crobber offers you the brush and connection to the machine with 2 components. Thus the expensive connection technology is separated from the consumable part and can be reused again. In your branch every cent matters.

patented connection technologie

all brushes fit on any cro-connect

saves your money and many resources

does crobber also suit you?


crobber fits for all


With over 4.000 possible combinations you will easily find the right crobber for your machine and your applications. It is developed for perfect cleaning results with best quality and highest profitability.




The connecting tool between crobber disc brushes / drive boards and your machine


The cro-connect fits perfectly. Brush discs or drive boards are mounted in seconds without tool to your cro-connect and thus to your machine.

for more than 500 machine types

for more than 20 brands

example cro-connect

cro-connect is available for these brands

crobber brush system



Our team of developers have contributed their years of experience into establishing crobber.

perfectly matching filament and tuft thicknesses

every brush type is specialiced for its task

reliable and efficient cleaning

crobber brushes

6 brush types

for all cleaning requirements

perfect fit:

– in all common inch sizes

– suitable for any cro-connect 


wear indicator

„change brush shortly“

constant quality guaranteed

prevents floor damages


fits to all brushes

purchase just once,

use over and over again

3 years cro-connect warranty

crobber drive board system



The crobber drive boards are precisely manufactured and thus have an extremely low vibration level. A crobber drive board lasts a lifetime – and when properly used this can be quite long. 

very smooth running for precise machine operation

optionally with cro-lock

for all pads on the market

one of various crobber innovations:

crobber X the bristled drive board

crobber drive board

crobber drive boards in 2 variations

– innovative bristled drive board

– standard as harpoon drive board

suitable for:

– all standard inch sizes

– for all pads on the market


free from play, strong connection

available with integrated cro-lock

3 years cro-connect warranty

crobber - more than clean

When making crobber our first thought always was a perfect cleaning result. But we wouldn’t be crobber if we hadn’t thought further.

safe costs


Every cent matters in your branch. Crobber is a highly flexible and economic system.

cro-connect purchase just once, use over and over again

high cleaning efficiency safes cleaning time

all disc brushes fit on any cro-connect

all disc brushes to be mounted on various machines



Sustainability is an important topic. crobber saves resources.


2 component solution reduces material

Lower transport weights

„Made in Germany“ means short transport distances

Plastic scrap from production is recycled back into the manufacturing process.

crobber – clever right down to the finest detail

The crobber packing


The crobber packing can be pulled from the shelf like a folder. No need for annoying and time-spending digging under many other cartons.


needs less storage splace

protects brush from deformation

clear labelling

display window on the front

you want crobber – you get crobber

clean perfectly – act economically

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