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the crobber Y-A

crobber - for hygiene-sensitive rooms


Each drive board comes into contact with the cleaning liquor and is therefore a carrier for bacteria and germs. These find their way back from the drive board to the cleaning pad and on to the floor. This opens the door to the risk of contamination.


The crobber Y-A antibac has been tested in the laboratory and proven to be ≥ 99.9% effective. A special plastic mixture of the drive board body and the drive face prevents bacteria and germs from taking hold. In addition, both elements are welded together without gaps and absolutely permanently using a patented laser process.

For your cleaning in hygiene-sensitive rooms, the crobber Y-A antibac drive board is the perfect tool.

Intelligent technology for a firm grip and gentle release

laser-welded components


durable high-strength unit


prevents accumulation of smallest dirt particles between components



resistant to bacteria/germs
≥ 99.9% effective

Highly resistant to chemicals

100% recyclable

Fields of application

Old people's and nursing home


Doctors' surgeries

Medical centres

Beverage producers





Food industry

Pharmaceutical industry


Swimming pools

Sports halls

and many more